Benefits of Student Academic and Activities Management Tools

on Dec 28, 2021
By Admin

In raising children, there are always activities and events to plan and attend.  Whether is be as a volunteer parent or an office in the Parent - Teacher Organization, it is hard to keep an understanding of what we have done and what we have yet to do.  This becomes even more critical when you begin to plan for college and it is time to recall all of the sports, volunteering, academic successes, and many other events for which your child has participated. Don't get us started on those of us who have multiple children!

To date, parents and administrators have tried many different types of tools to keep some semblance of organization on all of the information, photos, and media that are required for admissions and scholarship application.

We have seen physical scrapbook, To do lists, notepads, you name it!  All of these have drawbacks such as not being categorized or segmented, being in one place and not accessible at all times, not being able to track and store the different types of information and memorabilia that could come from these engagements.  This is why we created The Next 13.


The Next 13 is the tool designed for those parents who want to have access to their children's special events and accomplishments at their fingertips whenever it is needed.  It is the tool for administrators to reflect on performance, communicate with students and parents, and provide feedback and recommendations to those same parents or enquiring organizations.  It can also help those organizations to communicate, provide feedback, advertise, or find the next superstar soccer player to add to its ranks.


Check out everything that The Next 13 can do for you!