Five reasons you need The Next13

on Dec 28, 2021
By Admin

When meeting with colleagues and prospective users of The Next 13, we receive questions about the usability and functionality.  As with any tool, you want to know "How will this make my life easier?  What will this do for me?".  So here are 5 reasons why you need The Next 13.


1. I need to stay organized!

The Next 13 will help you keep all of your children's activities and events all in one place.  It will store the documents, the media, and the commentary for each one.  AND it will do it for each child separated but accessible by tabs all in one parent account.  If your child wants their own account, The Next 13 provides access to both the child and parent for viewing.

2. I need to know what is going on.

The Next 13 has a calendar to log any events and activities that are coming up.  Or you can see any event and activities that have already passed.  In each of the calendar notices, you can add media and documents like above, but you can also send invites to those administrators, friends, or family members that would like to attend.  The calendar will provide reminders and also let you add the events directly into the activities archives once they have completed.

3. I can't keep track of the grading reports.

For decades parents have been saving the cards and paper for progress reports and keeping them in banker boxes and scrap books.  This meant either the parent or the student had the memory.  With The Next 13, both the parent and the student have access FOREVER!  They are able to view and reflect on any year, any semester, and any class.  They are able to pull it up on their computer, mobile, or any device with internet browser access and share it where necessary.

4. How do I get in touch with teachers and coaches?

Don't remember the phone number or email address of that teacher or coach?  No Problem!  The Next 13 allows teachers, coaches, and other administrators to register for quick communication and notifications through the application.  Those administrators are able to post assignments, grades, media, communications, and more to keep the parents and students aware of what is required, assignments that are due, and any announcements.

5. Where can I find relevant information to my child?

The newsgroups!  The Next 13 has newsgroups that are specific to you and your interests.  This can include your student's school, sport, activity, or college or choice.  Through the ability to follow organizations or add keywords, you are able to see regular events and news information that are desired by you.  You will also be able to post information that you find helpful so that it can help others that may have had those same questions.  This is what The Next 13 community is all about!


We can go on and on about the benefits of The Next 13 currently and we are still growing!  If you have any suggestions for future capability, let us know.  Our desire is to get better together and help you to help your students to succeed if you will allow us, for a lifetime!