How TN13 Helps Your Teen Succeed in High School (for Parents)

on Dec 28, 2021
By Admin

The Next 13 has so many features that it is hard to focus on any one that contributes the most to any of its users.  One of the most driven pools of users for The Next 13 is our parents.  Parents see the value to any tool that helps their student be successful.  To that end, let's talk about a few of the features that The Next 13 provides towards that success.

One of the main focus points of The Next 13 is to archive the events and achievements of the student.  Keeping track of this information has been a bear in the organization and preparation of student information for some time.  With The Next 13, students are able to input the details around any event or activity. They can classify them to groupings such as sports and/or volunteering.

There is the ability to tag the date of event along with the date the information was added to the system. The information is comprehensive with logistics, detailed explanations of the what occurred, access from wherever you have internet capability, and ability to upload media, links, documentation, etc.

Another feature that is dear to our parents is the calendar function.  Too often, there are way too many events scheduled by organizations and teams that do not monitor conflicts and this is left to the parent.  It adds another layer of complication when the parent has to track, communicate, and coordinate logistics for events with the student, other parents, or officials.  The integrated calendar function allows for that communication with anyone with an account to be aware of what is happening.  The calendar features allows the sharing of calendars, the alerts of imminent events, posting of information to registered social media sites, and a host of other capabilities.


An important function of The Next 13 also centers around recording of grades and standardized testing.  These pieces of information have historically been key to the application for private schools, top tier organizations, and especially for college and university admissions.  Not only does The Next 13 allow for capturing the category and composite scores for each type of standardized test, but it also tracks overall GPA, class GPA, class schedules, and the documentation to support these results.  As a bonus, if you are ever out and about and access to your test results are required, The Next 13 can enable you to quickly pull up the document and email or share it with the company or school that requires the information!


It would take all day to detail the myriad of uses and functions that The Next 13 has to offer, but we would really like to offer you that opportunity to look around, ask questions, and come be a part of The Next 13 family.  Sign up today!