TN13 lets all the organizations be in one place on a single platform where all the students and parents are.

The Next 13 provides students/parents with a better experience with education (and your organization) all together!

Stay in touch with parents and students.
Through the groups feature and messaging interface, you are able to send messages, homework assignments, post articles, etc to keep everyone aware of assignments, events, tests, etc.
Reach out to pair organizations with schools to share common interests and opportunities where it can benefit the children and the organizations.
If you are looking for eligible job candidates, look no further. With Next 13, you can find the best job candidates and be matched with those that are in your area with all the qualifications required. This can only be considered a Win-Win!
Post scholarship and enrollment applications for a greater selection of worthy candidates.
With the archive of achievements and activities, your applications will be matched with a pool of worthy candidates for enrollment at select schools or those that are seeking financial assistance. Candidates can submit the application directly to you, through the site, and receive your feedback or offer directly!