TN13 is a one of its kind application specially created for helping parents plan for their children's future.

You can keep a log of all the academic and extracurricular activities of your children

Keep a record of their awards, events, report cards, and activities for years to come. Each year, log their activities and create specific event entries for tournaments, games, competitions, and performances. Add photos and information of standardized tests and report cards. Always have the ability to reflect through the years. Store documents from physicals/immunizations as well as acceptance letters, all in one place instead of scrambling to mulitple folders and file cabinets.
Keep in touch with teachers, administrators, coaches, and business operators. Send messages back and forth with school officials, coaches, and groups. Include required documents and access them at any time, from anywhere there is an internet connection.
Get the information you need to be ever aware of the latest rules and regulations. Use the calendar to log events, rehearsals, tests, etc and automatically receive an event notification when the date passes. Search for articles on education and activities that are specific to your education, interests, and activities. Use your information to autofill applications for jobs, clubs, schools, and scholarships quickly and with minimal repetition.
Keep all your children's records in one place! Create a tab for each child's information and achievements. Manage all communications, calendars, and archives from one easy, parental interface.